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Renting a Car in Las Vegas

Depending upon your stay in Las Vegas will determine how easy it will be to rent a car.  If there is not a convention in town rental agencies will practically give the car a way for about $18 a day.  To play it safe, it would be best to reserve a car in advance. Most agencies require the person renting the car to have a major credit card and some require that you be 25 years old. Usually there is a 7% sales tax and a 6% license tag fee added to the rental rates.

Things to check before you drive a way:

  1. If you intend to drive out of the state of Nevada, check your car rental agreement.  Some agencies allow you to drive only in Nevada.

  2. Before accepting the car thoroughly check it for the slightest damage. Make sure the agency records any damage you see even if it seems like a small imperfection.  If you opt not to get the the rental car agency's insurance, the agency may hold you responsible for slight damage that no one may not have noticed before.

  3. Check the contract for the charge you will incur if you return the car without a full fuel tank.  Most agencies charge between $3 and $4 per gallon of gas. If you are running late when returning to the airport and you don't have time to fill the tank, this charge will not be a surprise to you.

Car Rental Agencies in Las Vegas:

Airport Rent-A-Car
4990 Paradise Rd., Phone: 702-795-7380 or 800-785-8578
Hours: 6 AM to 1 AM
3025 Las Vegas Blvd., Phone: 702-735-3758 or 800-327-9633
5176 Rent-A-Car Rd., Phone: 702-736-6147 or 800-634-6186 
Other Locations:
Union Plaza Hotel, Nellis Air Force Base, Riviera Hotel,
Stardust Hotel,  South Decatur Blvd. and East Sahara Dr.
5164 Rent-A-Car Rd., Phone: 702-261-5595 or 800-331-1212 
Other Locations:
East Las Vegas, West Las Vegas, Summerlin/Sun City,
Bally's Grand Hotel, Caesars Palace and Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.
3041 South Las Vegas Blvd., Phone: 702-735-3344 or 800-634-6721
4744 Paradise Road., Phone: 702-736-1212 or 800-527-0770
Cut-Rate-AA Auto Rental
1613 East Sahara Ave., Phone: 702-898-1333
Hours: Monday - Friday 8AM - 5 PM, Saturday - 8AM - Noon
5301 Rent-A-Car Rd., Phone: 702-739-8408 or 800-800-4000
3421 Boulder Highway, Phone: 702-457-0066 or 800-736-8222
2915 Industrial Rd., Phone: 702-369-8533 or 800-634-3476
Phone: 702-736-4900 or 800-654-3131
Ladki International Rent-A-Car
795 East Tropicana Ave., Phone: 702-597-1100 or 800-245-2354
Lloyd's International
3951 South Las Vegas Blvd., Phone: 702-736-2663 or 800-654-7037
5233 Rent-A-Car Rd., Phone: 702-261-5391 or 800-227-7368
Practical Rent-A-Car
3765 South Las Vegas Blvd., Phone: 02-798-5253 or 800-722-7029  Hours: 8 AM - 11 PM
Preferred Car Rental
700 Naples Dr., Suite 101, Phone: 702-849-9936
Rent A Vette
5021 Swenson St., Phone: 702-736-2592 or 800-372-1981
2310 South Las Vegas Blvd., Phone: 702-474-0037
Resort Rent A Car
5080 Paradise Rd., Phone: 702-795-3800 or 800-289-5343
5101 Rent-A-Car Rd., Phone: 702-736-1234 or 800-634-6779
Sears Rent-A-Car
Phone: 702-736-1212 or 800-527-0770
6135 West Sahara Ave., Phone: 702-367-4999
3317 South Las Vegas Blvd., Phone: 702-731-3600
5750 West Sahara Ave., Phone: 702-362-0315 or 800-367-2277
U. S. Rent A Car
4700 Paradise Rd., Phone: 702-798-6100 or 800-777-9377
X-Press Rent-A-Car
3767 South Las Vegas Blvd., Phone: 702-795-4008

* Desk in Airport Terminal
**Desk at Airport - not in the Terminal


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