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National Parks

Death Valley
In 1933 Death Valley became a National Monument. It's lowest point (282 feet below sea level) is at Badwater and the highest point (11,049 feet) is Telescope Peak.   Badwater is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. Death Valley received its name from the pioneers traveling west.  Many died in the valley due to the high temperatures.

Grand Canyon
In 1908 the Grand Canyon became a National Monument and a National Park in 1919. See one of the seven wonders of the world at this beautiful, enormous canyon. If you don't have time to drive a sightseeing tour is a must.  You will be amazed at the beauty and splendor of the Grand Canyon.

Great Basin
In 1986 the Great Basin became a National Park. It is the only National Park in the state of Nevada. You will see a landscape of limestone caves and Bristle Pine trees.

Mount Charleston
If you want to escape the desert heat and scenery, head for this 11, 918 foot mountain. Your scenery will change from cacti to Aspen Firs. There are many hiking trails, horseback riding, and Lee Canyon ski area.

Red Rock Canyon
In 1967 this canyon became a protected recreational area. For the adventuresome person, rock climbing is popular in the sandstone rocks. There are many levels of climbs. You will find hiking trails for every age and a beautiful terrain to see.

You will witness the beauty created by the Virgin River carving into the Navajo sandstone. The rock formations are one of a kind. At the Zion Lodge you will be able to take a tram tour and horseback riding.


96 men lost their lives while constructing the Hoover Dam.






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