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Especially for first time visitors - there is no "rule" for you to feel like you fit in with the rest of the crowd. Everyone must have on a shirt, shoes and something to cover the bottom half. With these common standards being followed, the most important is relax, enjoy and you will be able to have a fun experience.

By law only people 21 years or older are allowed in the casino areas. If you are fortunate to be able to maintain a young look, be sure to carry an identification card as you may find yourself being "carded" by casino employees.

Tipping is showing your appreciation for the good service you have received. This is not required, but appreciated by all who work to make your stay in Las Vegas a pleasant experience. Within the casino you will find these to be acceptable tips:
Servers: $1 per round per couple, $2 or more for larger groups
Dealers: One chip if your winning or place a small bet for them
Slot Attendants: A tip is appropriate when helping you with your winnings or a hint is given to you about a specific machine.


Gambling is provided for your entertainment - if you make a few bucks consider yourself fortunate.






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